Now recruiting: 2010-2011 Humphrey Institute Policy Fellows

Last month, the Humphrey Institute Policy Fellows program celebrated its 20th Anniversary with some 250 alumni members! I was excited to catch up with several of my counterparts from the 2006-2007 cohort, but also inspired by the numerous other stellar program participants throughout these years. To continue the legacy of this wonderful program, particularly in an era where few things last long, I want to help promote the 2010-2011 Policy Fellows program and encourage you to apply or invite someone you think may be a good fit to do so. Check out the program brochure (PDF) for more information and prepare to submit your materials by the application deadline of Monday, June 14.

Policy Fellows: 2010-2011 Policy Fellows Program Overview

The Policy Fellows program offers practical training in public affairs leadership for emerging leaders seeking new experiences and skills.

The program equips participants with three core leadership competencies to inspire, organize, and work effectively with others to advance the public good:

  • Mindfulness
    Assessing personal leadership style, understanding others, and taking informed risks
  • Strategic effectiveness in context
    Diagnosing opportunities and constraints, influencing the legislative and political process, and working effectively across public, private, and nonprofit sectors
  • Persuasion and collective action
    Negotiation and conflict management, building collaborative relationships with allies, and communicating persuasively and effectively

Since its inception in 1990, the Policy Fellows program has trained nearly 600 Minnesotans, many of whom are now influential figures in their communities and around the world. Begun by Vice President Walter Mondale and Ambassador Geri Joseph, the program was directed for a dozen years by former congressmen Tim Penny and Vin Weber. Today, nationally prominent political science professor Lawrence Jacobs directs the program, continuing the tradition of convening the best and brightest emerging leaders in Minnesota. Program activities are conducted by recognized leaders from business, government, and nonprofit organizations, as well as experts from the University of Minnesota and academic institutions around the country.


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