In Search of Asia: 2010 Minneapolis/St. Paul Asian Film Festival

Next week marks the first-ever Minneapolis/St. Paul Asian Film Festival. Join in on Friday night, October 29, at St. Anthony Main Theatre for the FREE Asian Film Fest Preview Screening of the martial arts biopic IP MAN at 9:30PM (seating on a first-come, first-served basis).
See you at the movies!

IN SEARCH OF ASIA – The Minneapolis/St. Paul Asian Film Festival is just a week away! Wednesday, November 3rd is Opening Night and will feature India’s leading voice in “new wave,” non-Bollywood cinema Anurag Kashyap and his latest acclaimed film *THAT GIRL IN YELLOW BOOTS. The film event will get underway at 7PM with a Q&A with Director Kashyap to follow the screening. Then stroll with us over to Honey Cocktail Lounge for live entertainment and refreshments at the Opening Night Party. Take Note: Kashyap’s celebrated DEV D, a modern and stylish interpretation of the classic novel Devdas by Sarat Chandra, will also play in the Festival!

Twin Cities filmmakers and co-directors Mark Tang and Lu Lippold will present and discuss their new documentary *OPEN SEASON Thursday, November 4 at 7PM. The film examines the violent November 2004 incident involving a Hmong hunter who shot and killed six white hunters in rural Wisconsin, and the culture clashes that ensued from the initial shock and subsequent trials. Listen to an interview with co-directors Tang and Lippold from NPR’s Tell Me More radio show. Advanced tickets are highly recommended for this screening.

No matter what your cinematic tastes, we have you covered with over 30 films! If your in search for documentaries, ranging from searing: *ENEMIES OF THE PEOPLE, *BREAKING THE SILENCE: BURMA’S RESISTANCE; to side-splitting: THE RED CHAPEL, they’re here! We have a gaggle of comedies: *THE MIKADO PROJECT, SAWAKO DECIDES, PINOY SUNDAY, *THE PEOPLE I’VE SLEPT WITH, WORKS OF ART! Coming-of-age coming attractions: RASPBERRY MAGIC, TALENTIME! Stories of personal transformation: GULABI TALKIES, *THE THINGS WE CARRY, *COME TOGETHER HOME! War-torn and true: CITY OF LIFE AND DEATH, *THE LEGEND OF CHAO FA, ANPO: ART X WAR! The beautiful: BETWEEN TWO WORLDS, I WISH I KNEW, POETRY, A BRAND NEW LIFE! Animated: REDLINE, SUMMER WARS! And, of course the action–oh the action: CRAZY RACER, PRIVATE EYE, CLASH, GALLANTS!

With thoughtful and informative Panel Discussions, numerous Q&As, and Parties almost every night after the show’s over, it’s clear there’s something spectacular to discover here!




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