You’re Invited | Visualizing Neighborhoods: A Hackathon for Good

Two great conferences are converging in downtown Minneapolis later this month and Visualizing Neighborhoods: A Hackathon for Good is where their constituencies will overlap. Join neighborhood leaders, technologists, data visualizers, designers, artists, scientists, civil servants, and others interested in using data for the common good. Be prepared for the start of many important conversations, for projects to be proto-typed, and much community to be built!

Visualizing Neighborhoods Logo
Saturday, May 25, 2013
9:00 a.m.-5:30 p.m.
Minneapolis Central Library
300 Nicollet Mall – 2nd floor (map)
Minneapolis, MN 55401


May will bring two great conferences—Neighborhoods, USA and FOSS4G-NA (the Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial North America)—to downtown Minneapolis. To build on this energy, the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs and Open Twin Cities, along with organizers from both of these conferences, are hosting a hackathon!
Visualizing Neighborhoods is a day-long event to bring together neighborhood leaders, technologists, data visualizers, designers, artists, scientists, civil servants, and anyone else interested in exploring how data can be used for research, analysis, mapping, outreach, engagement, and communication in our neighborhoods. The goals are to start conversations, build community, experiment, and prototype projects for neighborhoods.  
And for those that may not have the time to be at the event all day, we will be creating spaces so groups can consult with each other. Are you a neighborhood organizer who needs some tips on technologies to help communicate with your neighborhood better?  Are you a developer who has the coding chops but not quite sure what problem to solve?  Are you a storyteller, but just not sure where a good dataset is?
Food and beverages will be provided to all registered attendees.
Questions? Contact the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs:  
  Jeff Matson – 612-625-0081, jmatson (at)
  Kristen Murray – 612-625-7560, murr0134 (at)
Sponsors include:  

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