You’re Invited | High Resolution: Getting Your 2014 Goals Into Focus

A nerd about New Year’s resolutions, I’m grateful that YNPN Twin Cities is herding up others who want to engage in self-reflection and intention-setting for 2014. Join us at “High Resolution: Getting your 2014 Goals Into Focus” for an evening of interactive exercises and thoughtful conversation. Best yet, you’ll walk away with a small circle of like-minded peers who can be a part of your success in 2014!

Commit to your goals with the help of a peer network!
To kick off 2014, YNPN-TC invites you to a goal-setting workshop led by Diane Tran.

Wednesday, January 29
5:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Sweeney’s Saloon, St. Paul

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How will you be a better leader this year? Will it involve finding new volunteer opportunities, a new job, or challenging yourself more in your current position?

We know one thing for sure: you’ll be more likely to succeed with a group of like-minded peers you can turn to for advice and support.

To kick off 2014, YNPN-TC invites you to a goal-setting workshop led by Diane Tran. It will include activities to help you: 

  • Explore your vision for your life in 2014
  • Assess your current activities and what’s making you happy
  • Imagine what you want in the future and how to get it

You’ll be pre-matched with a small group to form a peer mentor circle that will help you support each other beyond the event to make your goals a reality. Join us to examine your life now, where you want to be, and how to get there.

Photo cc Michael Dales

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