12:00PM Can Minnesota Lead the Real Food Revolution? (Roundtable)

Minnesotans are committed to supporting local and sustainable food systems. We have the highest concentration of natural foods coops in the county, and a growing number of producers following organic practices. Many Minnesotans are committed to eating “real” food, but don’t necessarily know how to extend their support beyond their own kitchens. Emerging leaders have the power to nurture a thriving food system in Minnesota and the opportunity to poise our state as a thought leader in this area. Food is related to many issues important to our state’s future: health care and the obesity epidemic, workers’ rights and fair trade, thriving rural economies, food sovereignty and security, and community building. Minnesota’s health is dependent on the health of our local food system, in more ways than one.

In this session we will discuss the current state of Minnesota’s food system and how we’d like it to look in the future. We’ll explore how strong leadership can encourage and support Minnesota’s position as a leader in the growing natural foods movement in the long term, and how we can begin working together today.







Leslie Kruempel is a contributor to local food blog Simple, Good, and Tasty, and has helped organize the Real Food Minnesota Gathering and Twin Cities Crop Mob. She currently works for Grassroots Solutions on the new InCommons initiative, which connects people through local gatherings, engagement, and Web networks so they can find and share credible tools, knowledge, and resources to solve problems. She can be found tweeting at @realfoodmn.

2 Responses to “12:00PM Can Minnesota Lead the Real Food Revolution? (Roundtable)”
  1. Craig Moen says:

    Interested in food sovereignty issues.

    • Diane Tran says:

      Thanks for linking up, Craig. It sounds like you’re up to some incredible work in northern Minnesota! We look forward to an opportunity to work together!

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