[Recommended Reading] 6 surprising trends about Minnesota’s millennials

Minnesota’s Millennials are on the rise, and Minnesota Compass has all the details. In their Buzzfeed-esque report below, find “6 surprising trends about Minnesota’s Millennials!” 6 surprising trends about Minnesota’s millennials by Craig Helmstetter and Jane Tigan, Compass Project The millennial generation (currently age 14-33), also known as generation Y or the echo boomers, has … Continue reading

Who Cares About Minnesota?

Who cares about Minnesota? I do. Not only was I born here, I grew up, went to college, met my wife, got married, and started a family here.  My roots go deep. Before you begin to think “Of course, hewould care, he’s never left the state…”, I should also mention that as an adult I’ve … Continue reading

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