Why Minnesota Rising Matters [to]: Alex Tsatsoulis

Minnesota Rising is excited to celebrate 5 years in May 2014! To commemorate the occasion and the amazing folks who have crossed our paths, we’re featuring several blog testimonials throughout the month on “Why Minnesota Rising Matters.”Alex is a professional fundraiser based in Minneapolis with a passion for helping nonprofits of all sizes grow their … Continue reading

"Minnesota Rising Story Lab: Our Story, Our Future" Recap

Missed last week’s “Minnesota Rising Story Lab: Our Story, Our Future?” James Horsman, Client Development Associate with Dale Carnegie Minnesota and Partnership Director for Torch, shares his take on the event and the moral of our story! Torch Community’s annual Diversity and Inclusion event took place on March 11th and this year featured Minnesota Rising’s … Continue reading

Minnesota Rising Blog: Post Playback x 12

We culled through 268 blog posts this past year to find the ones that capture the essence of 2012 for Minnesota Rising. Through continued collaborative work with Network Partners, bringing new blogger voices to the fore, hosting and co-hosting 18 events to advance the Cascading Conversations Tour, and recognizing emerging leaders’ accomplishments and development as … Continue reading

MPR = @MinnesotaRising Perspective on Radio

As 2012 draws to a close, it’s fun to reflect on all that Minnesota Rising and its network have been fortunate to be a part of this year. In September alone, there were two instances of working with Minnesota Public Radio; including my getting to serve as a guest on Policy and a Pint as … Continue reading

[Blog Buddies] YNPN-TC Blog: The most important election of our lifetime?

I guest blogged for the YNPN-Twin Cities blog again the other week, engaging in some light 2012 election analysis. Did you vote, knock on doors, make phone calls, or talk to your friends and family? What say you about whether this was the most important election of our lifetime? Comments most welcome below! The most … Continue reading

You’re Invited: Minnesota Rising December 2012 Strategy Session

Minnesota Rising December 2012 Strategy SessionJoin Minnesota Rising as we pause to reflect on the past year. From the 2012 Un/Conference, “Leveraging Expansive Leadership for Our Minnesota,” to the myriad tour stops of the Cascading Conversations Tour to collaborations with Policy and a Pint and numerous other Network Partners, it’s been a big year! We … Continue reading

You’re Invited | Policy and a Pint: The Looming Integenerational War

The next Policy and a Pint will feature Minnesota Rising blogger, Diane Tran, and Chris Farrell, discussing “The Looming Intergenerational War.” With the likes of Esquire, The Atlantic, and independent bloggers weighing in on the topic of the battle for resources between the young and the aged, what say you? Member Supported · Join Now › … Continue reading

[Minnesota Rising Dispatch] August 2012

[#mnrising Dispatch] August 2012 Despite a challenging economy and a contentious political environment, Millennials offer Minnesota a resilient sense of optimism and a new way of leading amidst changing norms. Through sheer numbers, we will undoubtedly have a significant influence on Minnesota’s future, but in coordinated collaboration, we can further leverage the Millennial advantage to … Continue reading

[Minnesota Rising Dispatch] July 2012‏

Published monthly, the [Minnesota Rising Dispatch] curates noteworthy events and opportunities for emerging leaders across Minnesota! Is this email not displaying correctly?View it in your browser. [#mnrising Dispatch] July 2012 The 2012 Olympics and Paralympics are well underway, as is the excitement for fans cheering on those who have overcome adversity and dedicated their lives … Continue reading

Reportback | Millennial Leadership: "Different by Design" World Cafe

Minnesota Rising’s Cascading Conversation Tour: “Our Minnesota,” has revealed many different and interesting ideas about “What’s next for Our Minnesota.” In efforts to dig a little deeper into some of the emerging values and visions, Minnesota Rising hosted a World Café, entitled Different by Design, to further explore Millennial leadership and potentially classify some of the … Continue reading

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