4th Annual Northland Bioneers Conference on October 24-25!

Since the planning committee has made special efforts to make the conference very affordable this year in order to ensure young people and young leaders can be present, I wanted to make sure to publicize this upcoming conference. In registering, conference attendees are also making a commitment to help keep the event zero-waste. The 4th … Continue reading

Don’t make plans, make options.

“Don’t make plans, make options.” I saw this quote in a magazine during my layover in Frankfurt before the last leg of our trip into Abuja. I didn’t realize at the time that the very nature of international development work and our exchange trip, in particular, would be so wisely foreshadowed by that admonition. If … Continue reading

Is there a vaccination for Dutch Disease?

I’m taking malaria pills weekly and I was vaccinated against typhoid and yellow fever before traveling to Nigeria. Studying Nigeria’s development during our exchange program, I’ve learned of a new disease for which it doesn’t appear a shot can be prescribed. The Open Society Initiative of West Africa (OSIWA), one of George Soros’ open society … Continue reading

Seeking exceptional young women for Leaders of Today and Tomorrow Fellows Program!

I’m a proud alumna of the Leaders of Today and Tomorrow’s “Women Making a Difference in Public Policy Conference,” and am thrilled to be part of scaling up the program to include a mentoring component and an expanded conference in 2010. LOTT is an amazing resource for young and emerging women leaders in Minnesota and … Continue reading

Citizens League Action Group: Poverty

For the second installment about the Citizens League Action Groups, I’m excited to feature guest blogger, Meredith Salmi. Meredith and I first met while organizing non-partisan legislative candidate forums in Dakota County during the 2008 elections. Meredith is a 25-year-old Minneapolitan who works in public policy at Arc Greater Twin Cities. She is also co-chair … Continue reading

Dispatch: Waking up in Lagos

Waking up in Lagos is sort of like waking up in New York City. You hear the horns honking and people yelling on the street. Then comes the cock-a-doodle-doo. And you realize where you are isn’t the home of Wall Street, the Upper East Side, or the Brooklyn Bridge. It is, however, home to Broad … Continue reading

A little less text and a lot more snappin’

Just wanted to share a quick round-up of snapshots from my time in Abuja the past week and a half. I’ll stop with my words for now, since these pictures should be worth several thousand of them. Enjoy!

Heartland Democracy seeking P/T Community Educator

This search announcement came across my wire and I wanted to pass it along for any interested readers and their networks. Thanks for spreading the good word!  Organization:  Heartland DemocracyCategories:  Public Policy, EducationTitle:    Community EducatorLocation:  Twin Cities Area, MinnesotaCompensation:  $15-17/hrDeadline:  9/10/09Type:  Contractor, 10 to 40 hours per week, mid-September 2009 throughJanuary 2010 ORGANIZATIONAL SUMMARY:  Heartland … Continue reading

Citizens League Action Group: Education

While in Nigeria, I want to continue highlighting some of the great work being done in Minnesota. One of the Citizens League’s initiatives are its Action Groups, which engage young adults in developing a policy question and pursuing action to address corresponding issues. In its second round this year, there are three Action Groups focused … Continue reading

Don’t change lanes, make a new one!

It’s been almost a week since I first arrived in Abuja and Nigeria has not disappointed! It is a beautiful place with a wide diversity of people, languages, food, and resources. We have visited the Guara Waterfalls, Usuma Dam, and several villages, including Ushafa (also known as Clinton Village because of the former President’s 2000 … Continue reading

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