2:00pm The Non-Usual Suspects: How Can Everyone Be a Changemaker?

The Non-Usual Suspects: How Can Everyone Be a Changemaker?
Morea Steinhauer                 Patwin Lawrence

Morea Steinhauer’s interests focus on photojournalism, mentorship, and social activism. She is passionate about working with others on co-created media and social justice projects. She utilized photojournalism as research method and a means of empowerment, self-expression, and a form of communication to shed light on social injustices for her capstone independent research project for her masters in Gender and Peacebuilding from the United Nations mediated University for Peace (UPEACE). Projects have been facilitated international in Central America and the Caribbean, which have resulted in an exhibitions of images and reflections, a bound book of exhibit contents, and a written independent research paper of the findings published in the Broker based in the Netherlands. Morea is actively engaged within the Fargo/Moorhead community volunteering and participating in a variety of roles.

Patwin Lawrence is the Co-Director and Partnership Director for TORCH Community where he oversees partnerships with TORCH’s seventeen affinity young professional non-profit communities. Living in the Twin Cities since late 2001, Patwin has worked for the Target Corporation and currently works for Capella University’s Office of Financial Aid. For leisure, Patwin enjoys reading, going to events, dancing and having good times over food and drink with friends. A native of Columbia and Charleston, South Carolina, Patwin has always had a love for history and historic preservation. Patwin Lawrence holds a B.A. degree in History from the College of Charleston. He also holds a M.A. in Religion from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary. Patwin serves as adult education director at his church where he is a lay reader and lay Eucharistic minister.


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