The Minnesota Rising 2014 Un/Conference: The Future Is How was held on Saturday, November 15, 2014 from 10:00AM – 4:30PM at DLR Group offices in Minneapolis, MN. Hosted by and for emerging leaders, the Un/Conference engaged emerging leaders across Minnesota in an energizing day of innovative learning and dialogue, skill-building, and network-building with their peers! See below for the content curated from the talented thinkers, doers, and presenters in the room that day.


Minnesota Rising 2014 Un/Conference Keynote – Trista Harris from Minnesota Rising on Vimeo.

11:00am Civic Tech: Hackers, Makers, and Everyone Else for Social Good
Roxanne Johnson and Alison Link
Find the session handout about Open Twin Cities.

11:00am Moving Beyond Minnesota Nice
Aeriel and Kyle Ashlee
Check out their 12/2/14 VITAL Dialogue event on the #mnrising blog.

11:00am Public Benefit Corporations – Ready, Set, Incorporate!
Jeff Ochs
Apply for the Public Benefit Corporation Cultivator program by December 1st!
11:00am The Big, Long, Wandering “How”: Thoughtful Engagement in the Process of Leadership and Making Change
Sinda Nichols
Visit the Civic Leadership Initiative Online (CLIO) for resources and consider applying for the Cultural Agility Cohort (CAC).

11:00am Vote, Run, Lead: #GoRun
Lulete Mola
Invite a woman you know to run for office through Invitation Nation!

11:00am [Open Space] Professionalism Today
Eric Sannerud
See the session harvest about reimagining professionalism today.

12:00pm Anticipating Future Change: Living, Working, and Being in the 21st Century 
George Kubik
Flip through the StoryTech: A Personalized Guide to the 21st Century Guidebook.

12:00pm How to Navigate the World of Neighborhood District Councils
Adam Yust
See his presentation slide deck here and follow his West Seventhers blog for unofficial district council news!

12:00pm Mindfulness: The Key to Changing Your World
Kathleen Sprole
See the session powerpoint presentation here, and find your zen.

12:00pm [Open Space] Talent attraction and retention in greater MSP
Matt Lewis
See Matt’s blog post, recapping the discussion, entitled, “(N)icebreakers.”


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