[Minnesota Rising Dispatch] April 2013

[#mnrising Dispatch] April 2013 The seasonal pictures in our elementary school calendars taught us that it rains in March and flowers blossom in April. As we’ve grown older and wiser, we Minnesotans have learned that things don’t always go as our teachers, parents, or politicians have taught us to expect. So we’ve learned to work … Continue reading


Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos  “Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes.”  -Walt Whitman

You’re Invited | Social Innovation Lab: From Convening to Transforming

Across Minnesota, there are myriad groups hosting community conversations in effort to build stronger communities. At the upcoming Social Innovation Lab, the discussion will focus on the impact of this approach to community change.What is needed to build on these strategies to lead to powerful and effective action? How can we, as individuals and organizations, … Continue reading

You’re Invited: Network Buzz Celebrates the Citizens League 60th Anniversary!

Network Buzz is doing what it does best: supporting and connecting great people and great organizations! Join the fun on May 1 to celebrate the Citizens League’s 60 years of innovation and imagination for the common good in Minnesota. There’ll be cake, games, and plenty of opportunity to make new friends! To kick off a … Continue reading

You’re Invited | Overcoming the Cultural Divide: Donors, Beneficiaries, and Co-Workers

Balancing clients and donors around the globe with varied socioeconomic levels and expectations makes for complex operating environments for international NGOs. In this upcoming MINN workshop, Tyler Zabriskie will host a conversation on managing these different contexts to develop cultural coherence and trust across organizations. Join in to learn more about balancing the needs of … Continue reading

You’re Invited: MYPEG Happy Hour at Pizza Luce

Join MYPEG at their monthly happy hour and speaker series featuring Anna Kerr of the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA). Celebrate Earth Day by connecting with environmentally-conscious and passionate young professionals, and learn what it takes to turn your passion for the environment into meaningful work! Our monthly MYPEG happy hour and speaker series is … Continue reading

Borrow the earth

Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos  “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.”  -Native American Proverb

Accepting Applications: 2013 MCN Annual Conference Call for Proposals

“Those that know, do. Those that understand, teach.” -Aristotle. Bring what you know together with what you can teach at the 2013 Minnesota Council of Nonprofits Conference. See below for the Call for Proposals and consider what insights and information you can share with your nonprofit colleagues. As an added incentive, your selection as a … Continue reading

Accepting Applications: 2013 Clinton Global Initiative America Meeting Volunteers

The Clinton Global Initiative is seeking volunteers for their 3rd annual CGI America meeting. An annual event focused on finding solutions that promote economic recovery in the United States, the gathering brings together leaders from business, foundation, nonprofit, and government sectors. If you’re interested in supporting the development of solutions that increase employment, advance access … Continue reading

You’re Invited | Networking Recess: An Artful Departure from Business as Usual

Can you come out and play? YNPN-TC invites you to their upcoming Networking Recess, using elements Give & Take programming and focused on connecting with purpose. Join them for respite from the long, hard winter, to check out the inaugural exhibit at Public Functionary, and for a fun way to get away from the everyday! … Continue reading

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