12:00PM Reaching Diverse Communities (Roundtable)

How do you make your organization and events more diverse? What are practical strategies for creating an organization and event that is appealing to diverse communities. In this breakout session, attendees will learn about racial, cultural and class dynamics and how to make their organizations more diverse.
This breakout session is hosted by MULYP. The Minneapolis Urban League Young Professionals (MULYP) is a volunteer auxiliary of the Minneapolis Urban League, who seeks to engage young adults in the Urban League movement to achieve social and economic equality for persons of color through hosting programs/seminars and networking opportunities to educate young professionals on the themes of economic development and financial literacy, civic engagement and leadership, healthcare and quality of life, and civil rights/racial justice.
Patwin Lawrence is the Co-Director and Partnership Director for TORCH Community where he oversees
partnerships with TORCH’s seventeen affinity young professional non-profit communities. He is also on
the Minneapolis Urban League’s Board of Directors as president of the Minneapolis Urban League Young
Professionals group.

Living in the Twin Cities since late 2001, Patwin has worked for the Target Corporation and currently
works for Capella University’s Office of Financial Aid. For leisure, Patwin enjoys reading, going to events,
dancing and having good times over food and drink with friends.

A native of Columbia and Charleston, South Carolina, Patwin has always had a love for history and
historic preservation. Patwin Lawrence holds a B.A. degree in History from the College of Charleston.
Patwin was the recipient of the Charleston Cultural and Scientific fund grant for his genealogical and
historical research into the history of Charleston’s antebellum free African-American community and
worked as a junior archivist at Charleston County Library. Patwin has been an amateur genealogist
for over twenty years, tracing his family back to the late 1740’s. He also holds a M.A. in Religion from
Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary. Patwin serves as adult education director at his church where he is
a lay reader and lay Eucharistic minister.


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