2:00pm How to Start a Corporation (For Profit or Not)

How to Start a Corporation (For Profit or Not)

Jeffrey Miller
Have a great idea, but not sure how to turn it into a profitable business or sustainable non-profit? Join Jeffrey Miller as we highlight the various components required to start any corporation, whether for profit, or not. Topics covered to include: the 9 key aspects of any business model, what is customer development, the A/B/C’s of for-profit leadership and the B/C/D’s of the non-profit world, cashflow, & legal considerations. There will be a time for Q/A as well.

Serial Entrepreneur Jeffrey Miller, started his first business in pre-school selling paper airplanes in the then overcrowded “lemonade stand” market. Since then he has gone on to form several for-profit corporations, two non-profits, and currently is starting a foundation to serve orphan children in Africa. Jeffrey is CEO of C3 Consulting (Business Consulting & Web/Social/Mobile App Development) http://C3Consulting.co/, as well as Principal at Web Rescue, which creates professional, dynamic & socially-integrated websites for under $1000. http://WebRescue.MN/


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