11:00am Essential Strategies for Becoming or Enhancing Your Skills as an Emerging Leader

Essential Strategies for Becoming or Enhancing Your Skills as an Emerging Leader

Al Coleman, Jr.
This comprehensive session will teach you the skills needed to develop or enhance your skills as an Emerging Leader. Gain insights to transform into a highly confident, high performing leader through actionable and easily applicable steps. Learn the rules of the new economy and understand the new currency. Find out why you need a board of directors and how to assemble your board. Explore the self-assessment tools and process that all successful Emerging Leaders use, and discuss how to deploy those tools to achieve exceptional results in a competitive environment.

Al Coleman, Jr. is a highly-awarded lawyer, professor and writer living near St. Paul, Minnesota. A devoted mentor to a multitude of exceptional emerging leaders in business, law, government, non-profits, the arts and science throughout the country. His recently released book “Secrets to Success: The Definitive Career Development Guide for New and First Generation Professionals” candidly shares principles of personal, professional and financial success with tomorrow’s leaders.

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