Positive Posters: Be The Change You Want To See

Founded by graphic designer, Nick Hallam, in February 2009, Positive Posters is an international poster design competition that gives graphic design students/professionals, illustrators and other creatives the opportunity to visually communicate socially positive messages to the world. See the 2009 winning poster and scope the work of the finalists; my personal favorite is Mike Nguyen’s … Continue reading

Community: Here, There, Everywhere

I led a Community-Building 101 breakout session after speaking to attendees of Minnesota Campus Compact’s Citizen-Scholar Leadership Summit last week. Through a variety of activities, thoughtful questions, and engaging dialogue, we uncovered a number of strategies for building community amongst students, coworkers, and the larger community. Session attendees talked about having a standard space or … Continue reading

Generation WE

Generation WE’s homepage asks you to “Listen Closely. It’s the Sound of Your World Changing Forever.” Their focus on the arrival of the Millennial generation is a call to action. Authors Eric Greenberg and Karl Weber claim that the huge numbers and progressive attitudes of this rising generation are changing America and the world and … Continue reading

Leaders of Today and Tomorrow Annual Conference

This year marks the 15th annual Leaders of Today and Tomorrow (LOTT) Conference. A project of League of Women Voters Minnesota, the event will be held at the University of St. Thomas Law School in downtown Minneapolis on April 9-10, 2010. This year’s conference, “Trailblazers: Charting a Course for the Future,” will be an inspirational … Continue reading

Quantum Civics: Introduction to Active Citizenship for Emerging Leaders

Last fall, Brian Bell and I taught the pilot Quantum Civics (TM) course to a particularly thoughtful and committed group of Twin Citizens. For 10 weeks, we engaged in deep dialogue about civic values, solving public problems, and self-leadership, and as a result, produced strong relationships, compelling personal mission statements, and in-depth work plans for … Continue reading

2010 Institute for International Public Policy (IIPP) Fellowship applications open!

As a member of Cohort 10 of the Institute for International Public Policy (IIPP), I want to devote a blog post to sharing a bit about this fantastic fellowship opportunity and urge eligible students to apply by the March 15, 2010 deadline. This program is powerful because of the strength of its comprehensive programming, the … Continue reading

"Minnesota is the best state in the country to watch illustrated commentary!"

My favorite book is Voltaire’s Candide because, while I’m an optimist and insist that a proactive attitude can lend itself to the belief that we live in “the best of all possible worlds,” I find it important to maintain a healthy sense of critical consciousness and accordingly, to regularly poke fun at myself. Since I … Continue reading

Oh yes, it’s caucus night. And the feeling’s right.

Sure, it’s Groundhog Day, but do you know what will determine the next six weeks (and beyond) politically more than whether or not that little critter sees its shadow? You, at your local caucus. As the Star Tribune notes, the few who show up tonight get the first shot at shaping the issues and races … Continue reading

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